About Our Dental Office – Arundel, ME

Where Your Smile Comes First

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We put patient satisfaction above everything else here at Arundel Family Dentistry, and we know you’ll appreciate the difference immediately. While other dental offices constantly rush you and pressure you to get more and more treatment, we’re solely focused on giving you the best experience possible while we uplift and preserve your oral health. We want you to be comfortable, enjoy peace of mind, and leave every appointment with a smile you’re eager to show the world. We hope you reach out to schedule an appointment soon, and below, you can learn about a few more things that make our Arundel dental practice special.

We’re Focused on People

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Are you unhappy with your current dentist because they make you wait after your scheduled time only to spend five minutes (or less) actually talking to you? Would your life be so much easier if you, your spouse, and your children could all go to the same place instead of having to run between different dental offices? Or, have you not been to the dentist for a long time because of negative past experiences? Whatever the case may be, we’re ready to accommodate you. Our dental practice was designed with the needs of everyone in Arundel in mind so that whether you just need simple dental checkups and teeth cleanings or something more involved, you can trust you’re in great hands.

Friendly, Welcoming Dental Team

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The first person you’ll likely talk to is our Office Manager, Wendy, whose friendly voice will help you get scheduled and answer any questions you might have. Our patients absolutely love her, and we know you will as well. And when you’re here, your teeth cleaning will be performed by our fantastic hygienist, Amy, who you can count on to make your smile look and feel brighter than ever before. Her light touch and meticulous approach have to be experienced firsthand to be believed!

Same-Day Dental Appointments Available

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Life is unpredictable, and that can sometimes result in an unexpected toothache or dental injury. When a dental emergency strikes, you shouldn’t have to wait for relief. That’s why Arundel Family Dentistry is happy to schedule same-day dental appointments for those who need help the most. We’ll take the stress out of an urgent situation because we’ll get you in as quickly as possible and solve the problem right away just like we have for so many other patients.

Happy to Take Dental Insurance

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Affordability is extremely important when it comes to dental care, especially for families, which is why we’re proud to be an insurance-friendly dental practice. We’re in-network with most major PPO plans, and not only that, but we will also verify your benefits before you step through the door for your first visit. We’ll make sure you maximize your benefits at every opportunity so we can take care of your teeth, family, and budget at the same time.